ÉOLO Environmental Magazine in its issue 18 will have as its main them “Global climate change and environmental challenges of peace in Colombia”.

his edition of the magazine, will address the issue in a comprehensive manner and from different perspectives that provide us with leading experts from business, academic , social and government of Colombia and abroad. On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Foundation with life , ÉOLO 18 , it will be produced in print and online.


Éolo 18 further novelty will occur as electronic magazine in its online version , freely available , with which we propose a new way to access and interact with content and expand the universe of readers of the publication at national and international level .

TARGET AUDIENCES: It includes persons related to business, social and development organizations , researchers and university students , public institutions of government and decision makers, all of the above with interest and possibility of determination in the environmental dimension of our territory. Shipping companies, service stations, large wholesalers , large transport companies , power generation ( thermoelectric and hydroelectric ) , Fenoco , government sector.

MARKETING STRATEGY OF CONTENTS: print version : luxury version of ÉOLO , focused on the presentation of research results and developments around the topic covered in the edition . This publication is delivered to Digital : The main strategy of this edition of ÉOLO . Our work scenarios are: social networks , news agencies , information centers . ÉOLO News Agency : be a permanent center of news and information. It will publish news and current events, results based on the same articles from the magazine work , and other items that arrive during the year.