With Life Foundation has extensive experience in consulting, environmental consulting and research as well as in the social and technical knowledge management. Our developments are part of social, business and governmental processes for the rational use of natural resources, territory , governance, and economic and social development.



Campaña Cívica Pura Vida

Grant from the Ministry of Culture Project "Finding our
ways." 1800 participants . 1999.

Red Gestora de Residuos Colombia

Golden Orchid Award 2010 Council of Medellin ,
Ecological and Civic Merit.




Since 2012 the Foundation Life takes social and environmental support to development programs and territorial consolidation of the Colombian state in eight deptamentos the country through the " Colombia Responds " program and recently the program " Colombia Transforms”.


- Answer Colombia accompaniment program, environmental training and technical training , environmental education, and monitoring and evaluation activities of economic development and social infrastructure.

- Strengthening scenarios , tools and intersectoral processes to institutionalize environmental education and rural development .

-Contribution to the conservation of natural forests , restoration , rehabilitation and recovery for maintenance services provisioning.

- Evaluation of environmental measures proposed by the information system Monitor ( USAID) for activities with environmental review.


- Environmental impact assessment , development of monitoring plans and environmental mitigation in three departments of the Colombian State.


The Foundation alive for 19 years has been widely integrated with the government sector , strengthening environmental management and rural development through environmental education processes , implementation of public policies , land management, psychosocial support , research and specialized consulting water resources , systems of protected areas , biodiversity, production practices , promotion of food security , monitoring and monitoring of variables and environmental processes , environmental goods and services , recovery of degraded areas, and support to management.


- Contribution to security , food sovereignty and care of natural resources , through technical , social and environmental strengthening urban community gardens and greenhouses.

- Interventoría urban forestry and biodiversity under the framework of the "Green City " program projects for several lifetimes.

- Formulation of a Local Environmental Action Plan of the commune 13 of Medellin.

- Promotion of environmental management in the commune 11 Medellin, through processes of education and participation .

- Monitoring water and soil resources - forest, in the village of San Antonio de Prado of the municipality of Medellin.

- Formulation of local environmental agenda and basis for the implementation of environmental management system in the village of San Antonio de Prado , Medellin.

- Implementation of the educational component in the implementation of management plans hills tutelary of Medellín.


- Research and promotion of good environmental practices and best available techniques in the productive sectors of farming, coffee farming and pisciculture.

- Technical, administrative and financial auditing for reforestation and maintenance of forest plantations.

- Development and socialization of Corporate Environmental Management Plan.

- Risk management and climate change , through educational processes and implementation of agro-ecological plots.

- Contribution to the conservation of natural resources of the Reserve Alto Romeral and Via Parque Caldas - Angelópolis , through education and communication.


- Interventoría in implementing protective reforestation work in municipalities jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley .

- Consolidation of environmental volunteer university network in the Valley of Aburrá during the year 2010-2012 .

- Support for the operation of the Pact for air quality in the Valley of Aburrá .

- Promoting social participation, management and conservation of biodiversity in nurseries and improving the landscape conditions of public green areas through auditing processes .


- Soil recovery in degraded areas of five municipalities Southwest Antioqueño.

- Formulation Management Plan Hacienda Clara , the Municipality of Angelopolis .

- Environmental education and awareness on conservation and soil management in five municipalities in the Southwest.


- “Promotion, participation and training in the integrated management of natural resources " in the department of Antioquia, through the implementation of actions required for compliance with the operation of the Administrative Department of the Environment.


- Interventoría inventory and characterization of wild flora and fauna of the nine municipalities that make up the highlands of eastern Antioquia .


- Study identification and characterization of environmental goods and services in the hill tutelary of the municipality of Envigado.


- Support the soil recovery in degraded areas of five municipalities project.


With Life Foundation has a broad relationship with the social and business sector through environmental management, social processes and promoting sustainable business . The sectors include: hydrocarbons sector , hydropower sector , companies engaged in civil engineering, specialized organizations is waste management , promoting social development and protection of natural resources.


- Monitoring the process of Social and Environmental Management Company

- Develop Environmental Impact Study , formulation and monitoring of the Environmental Management Plan , Abandonment Plan , Plan Final restoration and Contingency Plan to achieve the modification of the environmental license . Also, perform environmental monitoring and control according to regulations .


- Monitoring and technical control - economic reforestation of 50 hectares.

- Monitoring, control and validation of forest inventory conducted in rural properties of the company.

- Monitoring, control and supervision of the process of propagation and production of ornamental plant material and native tree species in company facilities


- Conduct studies of the biotic components dimension and its fauna and flora of Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives .

- Consultant for the program Biotic rescue ( rescue sub biodiversity information in four projects .


- Organization , management and implementation of the International Congress of Forests 2011 .

- Social process for the recovery and renewal of the Botanical Garden of Medellin, 2004 .


- Production Arbores Guide Comuna 11, by the implementation of projects for citizen initiatives " RESP you proceed and consolidation in the PRAE, 13 communes of the city of Medellin "


- Formulation of integrated management plan of solid waste in the neighborhoods La Salle and Villa de Guadalupe , as a component of environmental education for the community in this sector.


Promotion and prevention of risk management , through educational campaigns in the area of ​​influence of Poliducto Sebastropol - Carthage.


- Rescue, conservation and compensation sections of the Way of the Viceroy intervened by the road connection between the valleys of Aburrá and the Cauca River .


- Evaluation and systematization of the proposals based on the Environmental Merit Exaltation program 2008 - 2009 and 2011 .


- Accompanying internal processes of the Environmental Bureau and the formulation and project support of MIRS.


- Floristic characterization in the corridors of internal roads and access to Encimadas projects and Canaveral.


- Monitoring the environmental management policy and quality system of the company Mineroil of Colombia S.A.


- Managing a project for the management of used oils in the Valley of Aburrá .


Publications and productions developed by the Foundation alive have been developed within the framework of any of the projects implemented by the foundation:

Good Environmental Practices (BPA) and Best Available Techniques (MTD) in the productive sectors of the Coffee Industry, Livestock and Fisheries

Illustrative book " Stories and meaningful experiences of Environmental Education in Caqueta".

Book : "Actors and Stages of Environmental Education in three municipalities of Caqueta - Colombia”.

Notebook Pedagogic " A tour Environmental Education".

Flora of the Comuna 11: illustrated guide Trees , Shrubs and Palms

Book : " A healthy environment , a better future.

Kit Amazónicos Games.